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Love animals? Come spend time at the center!


 Help From My Friends' Pet Crisis Center is looking for caring individuals who love to be around animals.  At any given time the center has up to 16 cats and 6 dogs waiting for loving homes. This no-kill facility offers a free range environment which means you will not have to leave faces pleading from behind bars.

Volunteers classes are offered for people who would like to come out and walk dogs, who need a cat fix, want to come hang out in the cat room and brush cats. Love to clean, well we love you!  With this many animals there is always something that needs to be cleaned!!


Enjoy a bleach free facility


The center cleans everything with a product called Rescue. This natural product is not only very effective at odor eliminating but disinfectants everything found in the animal world. The Center also has a 24/7 air purifying system keeping the air germ and odor free.

Volunteer opportunities

Socializing cats and dogs

Brushing animals

Working in the garden

Building maintenance

Dog walking

A free range facility 
Hate seeing animals in cages?  You won't see that here. The cats are only locked up at night spending their day hanging out in the cat room. The dogs will greet you at the door, they have learned the best place to look for a home is in the entryway. 



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