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Adopting a Pet

Adopting a pet is a serious decision, please read the following before submitting the pre-adoption form.



Adoption Requirements:


You must be 21 years or older to adopt


Current pets must be up to date on shots, spayed or neutered and licensed by the county. 

If pet is not old enough to be spay or neuter at time of adoption, a pre-paid spay or neuter receipt from your veterinarian is re


Adoption Fee

There is no required adoption fee, but Help From Friends does ask that a "Suggested Donation Amount" be donated at the time of adoption. The focus is on getting the right pet in the right home but also to be able to keep funds up and available to properly care for incoming and current pets. The center runs without any county, state or federal funding. The entire operation is funded solely on donations and grants when they are available.

Suggested Donation Amounts:
Cats $50
Dogs $100


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