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A lot has happened since our humble beginnings in 2001, like opening the Pet Crisis Center in June of 2011.  That is when animals needing help during a family crisis began to arrive. Many of the animals came because their families lost their homes, died, or went into long term assisted living facilities. The Center has had the opportunity to house newborns to geriatric animals. Many special needs pets have come through, requiring drastic weight loss or daily medications.  Some come in suffering from neglect and need special care.  All of this is done knowing a new family and fresh start lies ahead for them.


Now in 2021 after much growth, it is obvious the time has come to relocate the Center to a more easily accessible and visible location.  Help from My Friends will be moved closer to Bellaire, making access to the Center much easier for adopters, staff, and visitors. The new location will be on Derenzy Road across from Anchor Lamina and near Antrim County Airport.   Preparing the property for the Center is already in full swing and the company moving the building is ready to transport soon.


As most of you can imagine, not only is this a huge undertaking, it is also costly. This is where we need your help.  Once the building is in place, it will need fresh interior paint, new flooring, a new double door entry and 8-foot fencing to keep the dogs safe. There will be trees to plant in the front to buffer the street activity and a large storage shed to put up.

Every donation, no matter the size, takes us one step closer to reopening Help From My Friends’ Pet Crisis Center for the animals in need.


Thank you for your time and consideration,

Mona and Friends

    Help From My Friends' Pet Crisis Center assist Antrim County Animal Control by taking in primarily owner relinquished pets due to a crisis in the family. These animals came from loving homes who ran out of options and had to relinquish their pet to animal control. These animals are given all the time they need at the center to find a permanent home.  

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