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Who is at the Center?

Psst!! Look!! Out here on the Catio…I am Sassy! Aren’t I just beautiful? No one would ever guess that I am almost 10 years old (June is my birthday, just in case you might be thinking of a gift…) Really, the best gift of all would be a wonderful, patient home with people who will give me the love and care I crave. I really don’t want to share my people, if you take my meaning…(I was born to be an only child, err, CAT). By the way. How do you like my Lion Hair Cut? I think it makes me look “Sassy”, just like my name!

Good Afternoon and Welcome to My Party! My name is Snow White, and I am (as you can see) a Princess. Naturally, I am revered for my looks (which are quite extraordinary) but also for my royal nature that keeps me from mixing harmoniously with the peasants with whom I am forced by circumstance to keep company. Even Princesses have hopes and dreams, and mine is for a home where I can reign supreme and give all of my precious purrs and kisses to one or two favored subjects who will become my forever family. You will find me on the Catio, surveying my realm. (Age 3)

Wink here. Psst, over here! I am a true, natural athlete and, if I do say so myself, quite attractive to see and touch. My glossy black pelt, my bright and sparkly eyes, along with my incredible physique, make me the leader of my team. I am known for my jumping ability and the leaps from kitty condo to condo help me keep in shape for when I finally go to my own training facility (home) where I can be petted and admired for my best qualities: my people-loving soul, my admirable looks and my very fine whiskers! (Age 2)

Yoda: My name speaks volumes about my personality. Although I am a mere kitten of 9 months, I have a wise and insightful mind which, combined with my wide-eyed view of the world, make me completely irresistible. I love to play and if I could only have a fur sibling in a home of my own, I would so love to share my wisdom with him or her. Around here it is hard to get anyone to listen to my philosophical musings—most of my kitty companions are simply not interested in the ideas of a baby, as they call me. Please listen when I say I have much to share with my forever family.

Once Upon a Time Gretel was lost in the dark and scary forest! Just before the Wicked Witch popped them in the stew pot, a kind fairy godmother transported the tiny babies to the safety of WALHFMF! It took a few weeks for the staff to nurture these waifs back to robust kittenhood, but now, at the delightful age of 7 months, Gretel is ready and eager to have a happy ending of their own. Gentle, soft as silk, loving, and sweet natured. All of the remarkable red kitty characteristics ready to share, in a home where all of the fairy tails have a happy ending.

(Miss) Mittens here! I heard that Hansel and Gretel have a story to tell, but I want you to know that I am the classic storybook cat! One look at my adorable round face, big eyes, and dainty white feet will instantly transport you back to childhood picture books that star cats just like me! Being such an adorable 2-year-old tuxie, everyone is surprised that I still do not have a family of my own…but I am picky! I want a home of my own with no other C A T S involved! After all—it is time for me to star in my own forever story. All I need is love, time and patience and I promise you will love living my storybook life with me.

The name Delores means sorrowful. Wow! That is certainly NOT WHO I AM! I am a beautiful female calico, aged 3 years who loves to play and be played with. I love other humans (like me), but not so much those fluff balls I live with. I am looking for a home where I can show my human parents just what a joyful kitty I really am.

Elvira is my name and although I believe a television character was named for me, I am not in the least bit “witchy”. In fact, I am not even pure black. If you pick me up and look closely, you will quickly see that I have a very elegant white patch on my (ahem) “chest”, and one stunningly white whisker. These physical attributes were much admired nine months ago when I was a bottle-fed baby, and if you allow me to take up some of your time I will happily tell you my story. I am told that I am quite a talker! All in all, I believe I would make a perfect companion for any cat-loving lady or gent who will give me a chance to grow up in a home of my very own.

Felix the Cat, the Wonderful, Wonderful Cat! Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is my theme song! I am a wide-eyed, playful, 3 year old tuxedo kitty who is hoping that someone who wants a wonderful cat will want me! I know that usually Felix is a “guy name”, but since my name means HAPPY or JOYFUL, I think it fits my personality just right. I will be one very joyful lady cat when my forever person sees how much joy I will bring to any home!

Rizzo is a rather unusual name for a lady cat, but you see, my Mom was named Sandra Dee and I had many brothers and sisters who all lived here with me at the Center. We were very happy together, but since everyone was adopted but me, I am kinda lonely. I am very attractive and, at one year old, fully grown. My sleek black fur and brilliant eyes make me a cat who could easily star in a musical of my own, but I really need to get started. Maybe you could be my agent (adoptive mom or dad), and get me a starring role in a home of my very own.

I am Layla and before my brother Luke and I came here to the Center, we had a wonderful

home with a very kind lady. She was very sorry to leave us, but since we grew up here as kittens, she knew we would be safe and loved. We are loved very much by all of the staff and volunteers and they like to talk to us. We are very good conversationalists and like to engage in intellectual discussions concerning food preferences, belly rubs and head bumps. Did I mention that we are very handsome tabby cats? We are! Luke is a bit bigger than me, but that is to be expected, I guess, since he is a boy cat. We could be adopted together, but if the right homes came along, we could be only cats. We will have to see how things work out. I am going to talk to Luke about it now—maybe you could come and talk to us too!

Hazel calling…I am so much fun to watch and play with. I am known as a Rat Terrier (which I think is odd since I am clearly NOT a rodent)! I am a 3 year old with the heart and soul of a puppy. Although I am quite well mannered, I dearly love attention and would like very much to be in a home of my own where I can have my own soft bed, my own chew toys and my own family. I am here with my brother Dervish—who will tell you his own version of our story.

Dervish is my name, playing is my game! I really am the perfect size---not too small and certainly not too large. I am very intelligent and sprightly and would appreciate a home where my keen sense of humor will be appreciated. I love attention and I like to hang out with my sister, Hazel. We don’t have to live together, you understand, but here at the Center, we like to play together and are pretty good at sharing the couch and TV! Like Hazel, I am 5 years old and quite active. I too am a Rat Terrier, and a very handsome one at that as you can see from my picture. Please come and meet us soon.

In Italian, Bella means beautiful! That is both my name and a description of my looks. I am known as a MinPin/Chi mix. I am not sure what that is exactly, but I heard one of the volunteers say that I have the best traits of both the Miniature Pinscher and Chihuahua! Well…I have to agree—I am quite remarkable. I really enjoy peace and quiet, so a calm and loving home is what I am hoping for. I am also a bit on the shy side, but once I get to know you, I just can’t wait to shower you with love. I am only 3 years old, so I could easily get used to another small and gentle dog. Cats are o.k. too, surprising as it may seem! Ciao, Bella

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