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The World is Beautiful in Black and White!

This lyric from the ill fated Broadway musical, Barnum, addresses the ways in which people view their world. The romantic leads sing about their diametrically opposed perspectives—his (P.T. Barnum) is on fire with all of the colors of the rainbow; his fiancé sees the world as a beautifully soft mix of black white and grey. She would really love our main cat room at WaLHFMF since it is fairly bursting with combos in black and white. Currently we are happily hosting six beautifully sleek and mysterious all black beauties, seven (counting Poo, our resident) stylish tuxedo wearers! That is close to 2/3 of our current kitty population. The remainder…? Beautiful shades of grey, from a British Blue lookalike to spiffy tabbies in all shades and coat styles to dilute calicoes whose grey includes soft touches of peach and cream.

Just as diverse are the many personality types. Our dear Juno ( a permanent resident) could easily be bookended with shy but oh so loving Ivy. Ivy would so love to be an only cat and spend her life being adored and cuddled. She does not “show well” because she is fearful of noise and confusion, both of which 19 cats and kittens supply in excess. Once you get to know her you realize what a gentle lady she really is. Won't someone see past her reticence and give this lovely girl her furever home? She will reward you with endless purring and devotion. Sassy and Stevie are our big black beautiful brother and sister whose owner passed on leaving these two adorable kitties homeless. Both are long-haired and gorgeous, with the softest fur and bright, intelligent eyes. Aptly nicknamed, our bevy of beautiful tuxedo cats are all dressed up with nowhere to go! I know that stereotypes shouldn't apply, but ask anyone with tuxedo cat experience and they will confirm: tux-cats are special.

We have some of the funniest and most charming tuxedos around! Our permanent tux-cat, Pooh, is the elder statesman of the group. Known to all volunteers and visitors as the kitty who rides on your shoulders, Pooh likes nothing more than catching me stooping to load the dishwasher. It is great exercise, doing chores with a 12 pound bundle of furry purring fun attached to your back. Pooh believes that exercising with cats (cat ER size?) will be the next fad. His back-up group of debonair black and white beauties are awaiting their invitationsto join your family and bring some tuxedo fun for the holidays.

Fletcher speaks for the group when he says….give us a chance and we will reward you with a lifetime of laughter and love. As the holidays approach and we snuggle in our warm homes and prepare meals and gifts for our loved ones, please take a moment to consider those among us, animal and human alike, whose lives are not so blessed. Although it is true that at WaLHFMF and countless shelters and rescue organizations around the world, love abounds and our guests are warm, well fed and cherished, nothing beats having your own family in your own home. Come for a visit. Let Pooh show you some love! Let our wonderful canine crew lavish you with kisses. Try to imagine your own home complete with one of these beautiful creatures who patiently wait.

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