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Two for One

Twins are special. Ask anyone who has twins in the family. You could ask my cousin Pam—she will tell you. Pam’s twins, a boy and a girl, were her first babies, born when Pam was not quite twenty. Their birth caused a ripple effect in our family. Older members were pressed into child minding and diaper washing. Younger members thought seriously about their own chances of giving birth to twins; the first ever in our family. The babies soon developed their own means of nonverbal communication. By age 18 months or so they were speaking to each other in what sounded like Russian code. Suffice to say, they were quite a handful. The center is currently hosting twins, Prince and Miggy along with several kitty-duos who are, or certainly could be, litter mates. As with Pam’s twins, our two-for-ones (my mother’s unkind tag for Brandi and Scott) have some of the same traits as human twins. A desire for physical proximity; a non-verbal style of communication; a need to sleep in the same bed or area and a tendency to seek each other out for playtime.

Prince and his sister, Miggy, have been here at the Center since they were found as strays at three months of age. Truly handsome cats, these white and tabby twins are among the calmest and most elegant of all of our residents. They love attention without demanding it and respond to gentle petting with deep purrs and roll-overs. They would grace any home and provide unconditional love and companionship for many, many years. At only one and one-half years old they are close to kittenhood, but have the serenity and mature demeanor that would make them wonderfully easy for a first time cat owner.

Sassy (age 8) and Stevie (age 3) could be twins. Both beautiful long- haired kitties, they have similar personalities and can often be found hanging out together on top of the kennels or climbing structure, observing the rowdy kittens below. Their lovely black/brown fur responds well to brushing, and with gentle grooming they could both be taken for “show” cats.

While Kelly and Kyle are littermates, it is Mink who would be taken for Kelly’s twin. All about the same “vintage” (around 5-6 months as I type), these three provide much of our juvenile entertainment.

But most twin-like are Jack and Jake, partners in “kitty crime”, best friends and soulmates, they really should be adopted together. Sleek black fur, beautiful, glittery eyes—they are handsome and intelligent cats indeed. Jack (or Jake, who can tell) is the most social and loves to receive gentle petting. He follows me around the shelter rubbing and purring until I give in and find him a treat. He is the mirror of what Jake will be when given the opportunity to relax in an atmosphere of trust and affection. They are the Center’s dynamic duo!

And while most of the other residents may be adopted as an only cat, sometimes, as my mother so wisely said, the best option is a ‘two-fer’. Come to the Center and see our twins for yourself. Happy Spring! C

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